The First page of Disconnected's

Storyboard and Script


   "Disconnected," a 15+ minute film, was in pre-production 

since  the summer of 2019. It is a story focusing on a post-relationship Kevin (Paul McKay) figuring out how to move

on and live when his friend, Mark (Callia Byard), insisted they

go out for the evening. Although it isn't exactly the most

creative concept, it's uniqueness would lay in the style,

pace, and resolution.

      I was absolutely nervous about making this project a

reality, but I was extremely confident in my crew. Scott

Gregory was my Director of Photography, and Corey

Knollinger was my Audio Lead. Both are extraordinarily

close friends of mine, and have had plenty of experience in operating in their fields.

     The film went through a rigorous writing process monitored by several peers with experience in storytelling. A storyboard was created, the crew was built, and the actors were found after a public casting session. For all intents and purposes, everything was going perfectly.


    Things began to get hectic extraordinarily quickly once COVID-19 began to gain in traction and enter the United States. Once it was in the country, it was a matter of time before things started being effected locally.

     Sure enough, West Virginia and its neighbors began to take appropriate cautions in order to prevent further spread and difficulties involving the virus. This, of course, began to impact school life.

     West Liberty, following similar precautions, began to shut down facilities. Public buildings followed, and soon enough the stay at home orders were passed. While not disagreeable in the slightest, it made working on capstone a completely new challenge.

     As things began to escalate, we began losing crew members and opportunities. A lot of questions began to come up, and we tried to figure it out as things changed each day.

Disconnected Poster,

by Pat King


     Through determination, and a load of stubbornness, we tried to push through after losing two primary actors. To compensate, and because we could not find anyone else within a day's turnaround, I  picked up the role of Kevin, and our friend Kyle Lindsey picked up the role of Mark. Through this, our skeleton crew of four total were able to get through the opening scene, as depicted.

     Although we tried to push on, the project ultimately became a great risk, and it was pulled. It also would not have been possible through our respective states calling a stay at home order. Despite our best efforts, Disconnected was scrapped.


     As sad as this may be, my graduation was still in question, and a project needed to be assessed and focused on in order to make sure that still happened.

Day One of Shooting,

Pat, Scott, Corey, and Kyle on location


     After a series of "passionate discussions," a new idea had began to unfold. I decided that, although it couldn't be completed, it was important that the original project be kept in the picture in some way or another. My focus became apparent - design a documentary explaining the situation from my perspective, and from the perspective of my crew and cast.

     After a final in-person crew meeting (barring Scott, who had to call in due to medical risk), the plan was set, and I took action. The final result is Discontinued: A Story of the Unexpected. It contains several interviews, a few editing tricks, and a heap of goofs in order to counteract the gloom and doom COVID's provided for the planet as a whole.

     The message for Discontinued holds similar to Disconnected - things will get better with time. It may seem impossible now, and for many people it is, but we'll find a way to move on and to prosper in time.

The Last (mostly) Physical Meeting

Kyle, Pat, Corey, Scott


     The documentary was a bit of a hefty ordeal to organize. Pace, flow, interviews, and shots had to be sorted and arranged. Narration and editing were priorities considering they fit my style and let me be extremely expressive in this format. 

     The interviews were mostly shot through online conferences, considering our incapability of meeting in person. The rest was through finding shots, using pre-captured footage, or created at my house. Making the best of what I had, Discontinued was pieced together in order to do what I was hoping to do since the summer; tell a story. I just never would've believed this was the story I was going to tell.


     In the end, I was able to create Discontinued in about six weeks. I think, considering the circumstance and the hardships, that it's turned out pretty well. In the end, it stands as a sample of the resilience and ingenuity of a student looking to graduate.



 Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Discontinued Poster,

by Pat King (Photo by Scott Gregory)